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If you have any tapes of historical interest to contribute to the Portland radio aircheck archive, let us know at 

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Portland Radio History


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Archive #12
KYTE AM 970 started off as a high-energy teen oriented station when it debuted on the Portland airwaves in the late 1970's.  No one could match the excitement boogieman Ron Leonard brought forth on the air while spinning the disco hits. 
Applause to Scott Young (ex-Kyte production whiz) for the sounds.

AM 970 KYTE Ron Leonard, March 1978  (15:55)


Archive #11
In the early 1980's KEX debuted a nighttime talk show in Portland called "Northwest at Night".  Take a listen as host Ed Anderson fields a call from a bonafide loony-tune listener.  Thanks to Bob Swanson, KEX mid-day host (1966-1996)

Ed Anderson, Northwest at night on KEX, early 1980's   (4:06)


Archive #10
Arthur Godfrey was an American icon in radio and television broadcasting during the middle of the 20th century. Godfrey’s relaxing, casual style of his national CBS radio show is very evident from this June 1971 clip on host station KOIN AM/FM. Sports announcer, Bill Schonley is featured with his Portland TrailBlazer basketball tribute, Rip City.   Thanks to Bob Swanson, KEX mid-day host (1966-96) and Rip-City author for this.

Arthur Godfrey show, KOIN radio, June 1971   (12:30)


Archive #9
Return to those thrilling days of yesteryear – November 27, 1967 at Kisn Radio 91. Portland’s number one radio station features Roger W. Morgan laying down hot new sounds by the "Who" while Kisn traffic control laments backed up Banfield traffic all the way to the Minnesota freeway. With the holiday season approaching, the Kisn Carol Tree is heralded as an "electronic marvel".  Kudos to Gary Pfeifer for the KISN sounds.

KISN Radio 91, 11/27/67,
part one (17:33) and part two (19:14)

Archive #8
An institution on Portland's airwaves, Barney Keep broadcast the morning show on KEX for an amazing 35 years, from 1944 to his final farewell, Valentines day 1979. Listen to dignitaries Governor Tom McCall, Senator Bob Packwood, and Mayor Neil Goldschmidt offer up emotional good-byes to Sweet Lovable Old Barney on his last day, at Portland's old Civic theater.

Barney Keep -- last day on KEX, Feb. 14, 1979, part one   (10:18)

Barney Keep -- tries to say goodbye, part two   (8:15)

A special thanks to Bob Swanson for the KEX memorabilia.

Archive #7
KGW AM 620 broadcasts during the Columbus Day storm in October 1962.  Jack Capell, Wes Lynch and the entire KGW staff find they're the only radio station on the air to keep Portland informed about the storm.   This broadcast, with scary music, originally aired one week after the storm.
Radio restorer Tony Cerasin, http://nostalgiasounds.com provided the recording. 

KGW Radio 6-2-0 1962, Part one  (14:58)
KGW Radio six-two-oh 1962, Part two   (14:37)

Archive #6
KYTE AM 970 from 1978  (10:09)    
Pat Clarke handles screaming teens and the Bee Gees during the disco era of 1978.
High-five's to Pat Clarke for this auto-biographical submission.

Archive #5-a
KISN 91 part one from August 1968 (20:04)      
Kisn good-guy Roger W. Morgan glides thru a rainy summer afternoon with traffic condition "yellow".   Olympia beer provides the refreshment as KISN 20-20 news reports on the Vietnam war.  Many thanks to Gary Pfeifer for the KISN sounds.

                  wpe1.jpg (112972 bytes)












Archive #5-b
KISN 91 part two from August 1968 (21:17)     
"Serving the Oregon territory from Vancouver".  KISN radio's Roger W. Morgan serves up a wide variety of songs and sponsors for the young and old alike.

 Archive #4-a
Joe Allen on AM 1520 KYMN, part one
Joe reads the "Kymometer" and presents "Dual of the Discs".  October and 1964 the year as Portland had two hot top-40 stations to choose from: KISN and  KYMN.    

 Archive #4-b
Joe Allen on AM 1520 KYMN
, part two   (11:02)
Thanks to Randy Painter of Eugene for these treasures.

Archive #3: Buick with fins

Counting down the Big 33 on the big "K" on the West Coast. 
Russ Conrad on KEX radio 1190
Russ spins the hit parade on December 13, 1958. 
Thanks to Dan Gulino for the contribution.

Archive #2-a:
Super 62 K-G-W.  It's 1976 with Super Jock Bob Anthony. Part 1 (5:15)
KGW, the last station in Portland to achieve huge double digit ratings with its mass appeal format catering to everyone. "KGW was great!" -- Marla Deardorff, Molalla, Oregon

Archive #2-b:
Super 62 K-G-WBob Anthony 1976. Part 2 (4:36)
It's the era of President Ford, the gas crunch, and the Captain and Tennille.
Where is Bob today?  He works at "Air-1", a Christian satellite music network.

Thanks to Michael Grimaldi and John Windus for the KGW airchecks.

Archive #1 
Portland Radio 1981 (RealAudio stereo, 4:22), featuring Terry Donahue at KB101, Dick Sheetz at KGON, Todd Tolces at KKSN AM 910,  Glynn Shannon at 62 KGW, Alan Lawson at KINK, and Hal Owen at KYXI NewRadio 1520.

If you have any tapes of historical interest to contribute to the Portland radio aircheck archive, let us know at comment@pdxradio.com

Portland radio in the 60's up close
Portland native and legendary radio broadcaster, Robin Mitchell, has a terrific web site devoted to radio in the Pacific Northwest.  Robin’s first person accounts and sound clips are captivating in bringing back the dynamics of Portland and Seattle radio from the 1960’s.  Check out this fascinating treasure trove of historical lore at http://www.rma1.com/

For Pictures of Portland radio from the past
 See Portland Radio Historysee
   Portland's Radio Days (from pdxhistory.com)
   Tom's historic photo archive

Portland Radio slogans, calls and frequencies
Craig Adams, all night jock at KKSN-FM has compiled a neat history of Portland Radio Slogans with call letter meanings and frequencies. The compilation stretches back to 1922 tracing the origins of Portland Radio.

Learn what station had the slogan, "three chimes mean good times". Hint, it was the first commercial FM west of the Mississippi.  Find out what station today uses the slogan, "A volcanic explosion of country and country rock".

It's all in Portland Radio Slogans. 145 call letters, 24 pages at $10.  Write Craig Adams to order: P.O. Box 25296, Portland, OR 97298

KGW radio tower site
The Port of Portland reclaimed the KGW AM tower site near Delta Park in the year 2000.   Their penance for doing so is a beautiful multimedia web site showing the history of KGW radio. The web site is http://www.radiotowersite.com/rt_welcome.asp.

Portland's first Album rocker
KVAN AM 1480, with it's album rock incarnation, hit the air during the summer of love 1967. Former employees and listeners held a "mono-maniac" reunion in 1997. Check out the preserved KVAN web page for historical pictures and vignettes.


Oregon Historical Society
Has a history of Portland exhibit with a few radio clips to hear. The museum is located at 12th and Park downtown. 


What do you know?
Know any good information about the history of Portland Radio?
Drop us a line at:  comment@pdxradio.com



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Portland's longest running morning man, Barney Keep, is heard in archive #8.



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