KVAN History

1480 KVAN Began as a Progressive rock station in the summer of 1967 and ended in December 1979.
It was a 1000 watt daytimer in the beginning breaking such acts as:

Cold Blood, Thin Lizzy, AC/DC, Blue Oyster Cult,Aerosmith, Jeff Beck,Fleetwood Mac, Janis Joplin, Wishbone Ash,Jethro Tull, The Who,Canned Heat,Lynyrd Skynyrd,Led Zeppelin, Pink Floyd, Little Feat, Montrose, Savoy Brown,Bruce Springsteen, James Gang, Robin Trower, Muddy Waters, Johnny Winter

... and hundreds more.

This was the only place to listen to a true mix of album tracks mixed with, of all things,
"The Holy Rosary."

KVAN eventially went on at night in 1975.

It all began in 1967 when Adah Murphy, daughter of the owner Cathern C. Murphy, got an idea to do something different on the radio... She insisited on playing other tunes from albums especially from groups getting no exposure.

The station got into lots of trouble with The Federal Communications Commission, including not keeping logs, moving the station without telling The F.C.C., and not operating at the required parameters. (See KVAN News.) The F.C.C. gave Cathern C. Murphy six months to sell the station, or lose it.

They sold the station to Howard Slobodin in September 1974. Howard went on to get it on at night and ended up selling it in December 1979.

The new owners changed the call letters to KARO, and changed the format to Top 40...
ending an era of progressive music on the AM dail!

Disc Jockeys that passed thru the Mono-Maniacs doors included; Gloria Johnson, Iris Harrison, Bob Ancheta "The Big B.A.", Robin Banks, Dave Lind, Jeff Clark, Les Friedman, Andy Brown, Bruce Funkhouser, Chuck Scott, Paul Mitchell, Alan Mason, Bill St. James, Rob Sample, Ron Maita, Larry Scott, Kevin West, Sleepy John, Valerie Ring... and many many others.

Many of these alumni will be at the reunion October 11,1997 at The Roseland Theatre.

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