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August and September 1997
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Wiggle Wobble

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Sunday, September 21, 1997 2:17 PM


I just wanted to say: What do you all think Imus is? He's a fairly

conservative type. It suprises me that no one seems to like Imus AND Rush.

Anyhow-Bring IMAN back!! We need more fun radio! What's this about KINK

changing to protect their sister stations? Hope they leave the cool,unique

music in place.

Luke Steele (Interested in trading Portland airchecks and stickers? E-mail


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Sunday, September 21, 1997 8:07 AM


What happened to the woman on the 10-11 p.m. hour on KBPS/KPSU on

Saturday night? She was a kick, but I haven't heard her for two or three


Carl Shinkle

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Saturday, September 20, 1997 4:47 AM


Looks like Westinghouse/CBS is buying ARS. The corporate conglomerates just

keep getting fatter. Look for Walter Cronkite to come out of retirement to

play "Straight Country" on 970 AM?

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Friday, September 19, 1997 10:46 PM


Portland Radio Guide,

I was one of the "right wing nazi's" who followed Rush over to KEWS from

KXL. I enjoy the KEWS line. Of course a change of this magnitude is

going to make people unhappy and disoriented but it really is a small

deal. I listened to KXL for a year and a half and switched tracks the

day Rush moved - no big deal.


I do however, find Dr. Laura to be very opinionated but you know what?,

that is what she gets paid for. I like listening to all of the losers

she tears into.


K-News is alright. One suggestion would be to up their wattage from

5000 to say 50,000. It is hard to hear sometimes in the outlying areas.

Mark Ward

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Wednesday, September 17, 1997 8:53 PM


Hey Dan,

Thanks for this site. I'm currently living in Sacramento, but I check in

here all the time to see what's up in Portland. Keep up the good work!



Bryan O'Neal ( formerly of KPAM FM / 62 KGW / KNCR / KMJK)

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Tuesday, September 16, 1997 3:13 PM


I would like to listen to Rush on audio net, are you up and running?

I listen at work over the internet.

Please help,

Todd Kelley

McMinnville, Oregon.


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Monday, September 15, 1997 7:08 PM


We need a stock market update after the noon time news like you had in the

past. Thanks, Bob Gisler

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Saturday, September 13, 1997 3:12 PM


Dear Sirs,

Why did you get rid of "Imus in the Morning"? There are so many news

stations. Where can I find him? Rush, Dr. L. and Mike Reagan, think

about it is that the best you can do? Bill Galleghar is your only saving

grace. Who could possibily pick a more boring cast of characters?


Jo Ann Stowell

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Friday, September 12, 1997 9:26 AM


ITEM: "AM 860 set to begin broadcasting in September

Local broadcaster, Vic Ives, and his new 50,000 watt radio station at AM

860 is set to hit the air in September.  The new transmitter is in, and

testing has begun.   The station will operate under an LMA (local marketing

agreement) with a local religious group.  Translation:  that means the

format will be of a religious type.  Previously, it was Ives intention to

format the station as news and information."


COMMENT: Does anybody have stats on how much $ religious stations generate?

Portland has God-knows-how-many religious stations on AM/FM/TV--tax-free,

all of them, I imagine--and I wonder how they do it. As you might be

thinking, I consider all of them nothing more than money-making

enterprises--big cults, if you will--that junk up the airwaves. I

especially like the ones that masquerade as "pop" stations playing what at

first sounds like trendy pop music. How come they have to mimic pop/rock

stations? Can't they spread their stuff without resorting to an impression

of the enemy they are fighting.


Questions, questions, questions, and no answers.

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Thursday, September 11, 1997 10:35 AM


After reading several letters from listeners and ex-listeners to

KEWS stating their disappointment in the loss of Don Imas and Tom

Leykis, I thought you needed to hear from a new listener. I just

started tuning into KEWS. I followed Rush over from KXL and I'm

enjoying your station. I really like Dr. Laura in the afternoon. She's

such a bright spot in the usual psycho-babble out there. I tried

listening to Leykis in the past, but could never stay tuned for very

long as idiots annoy me. I am an avid radio listener--7AM to 7PM

daily--and I now listen to your station from 7AM to 3PM each day. I'm

sure I'm not the only one who moved over from KXL so please know there

are those of us out there who love your new line-up.

 Charlotte A. Haines

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Wednesday, September 10, 1997 8:49 PM


I'd like to throw my 2 cents worth in about the changes going on in

Portland radio.

What is occuring, with the changes at KNEWs and KINK are pretty much

symptomatic of what Prez Clinton and his gang have allowed to happen with

the signing of the American Communications Act back in 1993 or 94.

They're letting large corporations run rampant over the PUBLIC AIRWAVES,

building large holdings of stations-strangling out the independent

broadcaster and effectively placing a huge clamp over the mandated

"broadcast in the public interest" clause as originally contained in the

Federal Radio Act of 1932.


What pisses me off about all of this is that people like Carl Widing at

KINK are getting blown out in order for the corporation to sqeeze another

nickle of profit out of a property they paid far too much money for.

Not only that, but what once was a competitive, free enterprise system has

now been reduced to a "lets hedge our bets on each of our stations and

eliminate any other station format in the market that might take away even

one listener from another one of our stations."

I don't call this choice. I call it MONOPOLY! UNFAIR TRADE PRACTICES!


Gone are the days of encouraging on-air creativity. Now its listen to our

national consultant-or lets do it the cheap way and just copy what we're

doing in all the other markets. So much for local radio having a local,

creative identity.People like Widing, who took a radio station and help to

mold it into one of the most unique sounding stations in America are being

forced out because "corporate thinks KINK's format is taking listeners away

from our sister stations-so we'll change it". Sure this is America and a

company is free to do what it wishes. But we forget a very fundumental



BEING SERVED. And It is my opinion that this all consuming greed factor

will be the eventual downfall of the radio industry. I am not against any

company making a profit. But when that is the only reason that motivates a

company-then I believe that company is acting in an irresponsible manner.

Unless radio listeners begin to raise hell over this-the tide will

continue. What was mandated by the government can surely be un-mandated.

Write or call your Federal officals and let them know you are "as mad as

hell and not going to take it anymore!"

scott preston@

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Wednesday, September 10, 1997 2:36 PM


It is with regret that I view the latest line-up at what used to be

my favorite station. Gone are Imus, Leykis and Combes<sp?>. In their place

is Rush, Gallagher and the news? This is not good, not good at all. And

Dr. Laura? She's the rudest woman in America!

Let's see where that leaves us... Micheal Reagan, Doug Kaufman

and...that's it? Nobody else worth listening to? Take away the good stuff

and replace it with a bunch of yawners?

 Charles Phillips

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Wednesday, September 10, 1997 7:09 AM


As a commuter I appreciate the traffic information provided as a public

service by your station. I was wondering, however, why the major jam

going north on 205-5 from Vancouver to Ridgefield has not been included

in your reports? Many of us were taken by surprise Monday morning. I

listened to the traffic update and it seemed as if all was well. Then it

took me 20 minutes to get from Hazel Dell to Ridgefield on Highway 5.

Yesterday I left very early and only caught a little slowing but people

that came later up 205 had a much worse time. There are many of us going

North these days -- how about including us in the reports. Especially

with the upcoming bridge closure, it would be nice to know if those

areas are being affected.

Thank-you for you efforts to inform the community.

Merry-Lynn Amsbury

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Tuesday, September 09, 1997 3:57 PM


Where can I find Tom Leykis since he was booted off the radio station

formerly known as KTOK? I cannot tolerate my evening commute without

him. I refuse to listen to the new format until there is something

worth listening to.

Kloak, Nancy/PDX 

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Tuesday, September 09, 1997 5:38 AM


Who is in charge of the programming line-up at KEWS 620 (K-News)? It would

be helpful if all of us could express our opinions directly to those who make

the decisions. I know they are somehow affiliated with KEX, but I would like

more specific information about who to write and/or call (i.e. name, address

and phone number). Before the changeover, I had direct contact with Trevor

Oliver (previously the program manager at KOTK), and found him very

responsive to the listeners. Now that he is with KEWS doing the morning

news, I doubt if he has any power in the decision making process. We, the

listeners, need to express ourselves directly to the powers that be in order

to effect any change. I urge everyone to make their opinions known directly

to the radio station instead of just tuning out, or complaining here on the

feedback page. Thank you in advance for the information.

Debbie Mahterian

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Monday, September 08, 1997 3:03 PM


Did K-news do a show advertising Fat-Absorb on Sunday morn? If so please

send me the company's name. Thank you D.A.

 Darlene Andreas

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Monday, September 08, 1997 10:59 AM


Portland Radio Guide,

I guess you can pass this on to K-News.


I do not know how to contact the new station, K-News. But what a bunch

of pencil-necked geeks!! Put back Don Imas and get rid of Rush

Limbaugh. Haven't they heard? Rush Limbaugh is a BIG FAT IDIOT!!


Boy, talk about trying to turn the clock on progressive thinking back to

the dark ages, if not the stone ages!!



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Monday, September 08, 1997 10:34 AM


The old saying "Liberals think with their hearts, and conservatives

think with their heads" is SO apparent after reading the comments from

these listeners. Liberals are so emotional and reactionary - they love

to attack conservatives and attach negative connotations to the

"right-wing" without even thinking through issues intelligently. This is

why I am a conservative, and listen to conservative radio talk show

hosts. I like hearing intelligent, sensible opinions on the issues of

the day, instead of ill-informed, bleeding heart, mean-spirited,

communist-loving liberals spouting off.

 Linda Syracuse

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Sunday, September 07, 1997 2:29 PM


It seems that folks writing in are upset that Portland's talk radio has

taken a swing to the right. While Rush and his ilk get more air-time on

commercial radio, community radio continues to provide a breath of fresh


At KBOO, 90.7fm, local talk radio programs air from 7:30 - 9:00 every

weekday morning. The programs are hosted by different commentators and,

therefore, vary greatly in style and range from somewhat liberal to off

the spectrum radical.


Ani Haines

Host of Friday Morning Talk Radio

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Wednesday, July 30, 1997 9:16 AM


I do not know why Gallagher has been replaced at KXL, but I sure miss

him. Many times I disagreed with his viewpoint, sometimes most strongly,

but larson is a poor, piddling substitute.

Please lobby to get Gallagher back!!


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Sunday, September 07, 1997 12:24 AM


portland has once again been put back in the fly over country with don imus

was taken off the air for the new k-news (which is boring as all).

Don imus was name one of the top twenty-five infuentail american's and so

what does backwood, portland do but take him off the air!!!!!!!!!!!

 Steven Michaud

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Saturday, September 06, 1997 5:16 PM


What radio station is going to broadcast the IMUS in the morning


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Thursday, September 04, 1997 4:10 PM


What ever happened to the Left Winged media? Where is Tom Leykis, Don

Imus, & Alan Combs? Rush on in the morning on K-News (6.2 am) and another

Right Winger on KXL (7.5 am)! What happened to any sense of political

balance in Portland's radio! I've stopped tuning into morning radio all

together. Also, what happened to Alan Combs?

I hope the advertisers who depend on morning radio (particularly at K-News

or kotk) re-evaluate their decision to terminate programming that was

political balanced with Rush and the likes of him.

Chris B.

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Thursday, September 04, 1997 11:16 AM


I was just getting used to finding Bill's show on KEX,

albeit only occasionally. When did he move again (and why?)


Logan Dart

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Wednesday, September 03, 1997 9:18 PM


I agree with all other letter writers. I sent an E-Mail to Jacor and let

them know that KOTK (aka K-News) has lost another listener. I enjoyed

Tom and Don, they really do make the commute more enjoyable. If there is

any justice in the world, K-News will become Portland roadkill in a short

period of time.

Jim Larsen

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Tuesday, September 02, 1997 6:30 PM


FYI The Voice has a new website address:



Chris Messina

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Tuesday, September 02, 1997 10:19 PM


Hi Dan--

I¹m on the Web again searching for radio stickers and stumbled onto your

site. I was wondering if you possessed or had access to any local radio

bumper stickers. If so, would I be able to send you a self-addressed

stamped envelope for their return? Or, if your into this kind of thing,

I have a few extra stickers available to trade. I realize you¹ve never

met me and have no idea who I am so feel free to ignore this if you¹re

not interested and I¹ll never bother you again. Just thought I¹d give

it a shot....

Here¹s an updated list of my extra stickers:

Call letters, What it says on the sticker, location, station format,

number of extras

CKRA--²Mix 96 FM²--Edmonton, Alberta--Adult Contemporary-1

ICRT--²ICRT²--Taipei, Taiwan--2

KAFE--²Soft Rock 104.3 KAFE Bellingham²--Bellingham, WA--Adult


KATT--²KATT Rock 100.5 Oklahoma City²--Oklahoma City, OK--Rock/AOR--2

KAUS--²FM 100 Country Music²--Austin, MN--Country--2

KBFW--²Country 930 AM KBFW²--Bellingham, WA--Country--1

KBTT--²107.5 The Beat²--Portland, OR--CHR/Dance--1


KFBK--²KFBK AM 1530²--Sacramento, CA--News / Talk--2

³KFBK Newstalk 15²--1

KFMB--²Star 100.7 FM Hi Star!²--San Diego, CA--Adult Contemporary--3

KFRO--²Oldies FM 95.3 KFRO²--Longview, TX--Oldies--1

KHEY--²KHEY 96 FM²--El Paso, TX--Country--1

KIKY--²Kick 92 FM²--Round Rock, TX--Country--1

KIRO--²Seattle Mariners KIRO 710 Newsradio²--Seattle, WA--News/Talk--1

Radio France--²Radio France Landes 98.8 / 100.5 / 103.4²--Landes,


Radio France--²Radio France Toulouse 95.2²--Toulouse, France--1

Sud Radio--²Sud Radio²--France--1

Thanks for your time,

Greg Blouch

Phillipsburg, OH

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Tuesday, September 02, 1997 9:57 PM


Do you remember KVAN-The Mono-maniacs? If you do you'll remember a very

original rock format. We're having a reunion with Long John Baldry

October 11 at the Roseland Theatre and we're seeking out all the old

alumni. Can you put a blurb on your home page and tell them to contact me

at 223-0105. I will appreciate anything you can do. Thanks BA

Bob Ancheta AKA The BIG B.A.

Home Page

Also heard on Earth 105- 2pm-7pm weekdays.

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Monday, September 01, 1997 5:00 PM


Why can't we get some good entertainment in the Portland market?

Howard Stern and Tom Leykis are very entertaining. KEWS is sitting

on Leykis's option in our area so that no other station can pick him



Keep Imus out. The guy was a coke-head and his performance confirms

his past drug abuse. If a station would take a chance on Stern, I

believe that the results would please everyone.


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Monday, September 01, 1997 2:15 PM


Please pass my comments on to the new 620 KEWS management. Do they have



Dear KEWS:

I have been listening to 620 for years, and I mean LISTENING! Starting

when I get up at 5:30, it was always Imus in the morning. It was great

fun, a humorous start to the day. Then, while I was in the car and working,

it was Dr. Laura (I know you still have her on), then Alan Colmes and Tom

Leykus on the way home. In fact, I've talked many friends and relatives

into tuning in, as well. Now, you can COUNT ME OUT.


I have a hard time tolerating Rush Limbaugh's voice, let alone his attitude

and standpoint on most issues. You are now saturated with him and other

strictly conservative hosts. I am sorry for this. Why not make it, at the

very least, at least half and half, liberal and conservative?


I realize you will have just as many kudo-style e-mail notes, but from here

on, you can COUNT ME OUT. I'll tune into another station that displays

equal time for those who aren't stuffed shirts.


And what is this "If you knew any more, we'd have to kill you?"......How



An ex-listener, Carol Conboy

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Monday, September 01, 1997 10:50 AM


What is wrong with talk radio in Portland? KOTK dropped one of only two

people I listened to in talk radio (Tom Leykis), and in his place, they've

put a real yawner named Bill Gallager (sp?). Right-wing conservative and

mostly stealth Christians: that's what radio is all about in Portland. Rush

Limbaugh, Dr. Laura (Doctor of what? Moralistic BS?), it's just one long

stream of boring, lifeless, empty talk. Nobody's got an interesting

opinion; nobody really wants to rock the boat with individualism. Bill

Gallager: one day of listening to you was enough...I really don't care if

you're a Christian or a Jew, although your "Yes I am" when somebody asked

you if you were a Christian was, sadly, the most thrilling thing you could

think of to say in an hour's time. How pathetic.


The only alternative is to remove the talk radio stations as options, and

listen to music.

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Monday, September 01, 1997 8:17 AM


I like the feedback page! I'm telling Steve Arena, program manager for

KFAN 1520 AM to look here if there's any doubt about how popular IMUS in

the Morning is around here! Check out there home page and email them to

put Imus on. Consumers are out here looking, we just need a radio

station that has the product we want. IMUS!

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Monday, September 01, 1997 7:04 AM


With the changing of formats, KEWS (formerly KOTK) has essentially

dumbed down their format for mouth-breathers who can't cut their own

food. Just what we need: another apoplectic eyewitness to a stalled car

on the banfield during rush hour. My car radio shown glow red now

whenever I tune the station in, as it has essentially become another

idiot light on my dashboard.

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Friday, August 29, 1997 10:04 PM


BOOOOOOO! What a waste of a good station! I can only hope this

stations new format runs their ratings right into the ground!!!

I know that Imus and Leykis were MAJOR draws to this station. I hope

they choke .....with Phat Rush!

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Friday, August 29, 1997 7:05 PM


What did you guys do with Tom Lykis. I looked forward to listening to

Tom on my afternoon drive. I am Very disapointed, not to mention the

Allan Combs show. What could you guys have been thinking???!!!! I will

search the channel for my regular talk show hosts. Rush Limbaugh is an


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Friday, August 29, 1997 9:20 AM


I have been communiting to Salem from Portland for many years. When the

Imus program was on it made my commute easier, faster and certainly more

entertaining. For me, taking him off the air is a huge loss. Whatever

station brings him back will get me as a committed listener.

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Friday, August 29, 1997 7:20 AM


I don't like what kotk (62 AM) has done to their morning format. Does kotk

have an email address? If you could reply I'd appreciate it.


Chris Boeh (


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Friday, August 29, 1997 2:19 AM


Kotk had a nice mix of shows. I would listen to half of Dr. Laura just

waiting for Alan & especially Tom Leykis to come on which I would listen

to till 7 and off the station would go when Mike Reagan would came on.

Now I have no reason to listen to 620. Hope you will consider putting

the old lineup back on, in the meantime your lineup puts me to sleep &

I'm taking your station out of my radio's memorey.

A two&half years faithful listener,

Vancouver, Washington

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Friday, August 29, 1997 1:48 AM


Do you know if any talk radio station in Portland is going to pick up

Tom Leykis now that kotk does not exist anymore.


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Thursday, August 28, 1997 8:09 PM


We have am 750 for news and it is weak at that. Kex is one of the oldest in

Portland and it is as good as any for news. Why do we need KNEWS? I can't

believe they dropped Leykis and Imus!! Didn't they review their own ratings.

Or was it a little racey for the up-tights. I consider myself conservative

but when I listen to the radio I want entertainment and Rush is not

entertaining - his old line is boring, repetitive and not worth listening

too. (However, I could be wrong because I don't listen to him anymore, but

dialing him in is like watching an old movie with a tired script.

Had anyone heard if they are going to pick up Leykis and Imus? I'm forced to

listen to fm now because I can't tolerate Bill Gallagher.

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Thursday, August 28, 1997 7:00 PM


This message should be passed on to the management (?) at KEWS. The removal

of Don Imus and Tom Leykis is distresssing. The Iman made the morning commute

enjoyable and Tom Leykis did the same in the afternoon. Granted I didn't

always agree with what Tom had to say but it was enjoyable to listen to. I

haven't listened to your station except to find out what had replaced the

Iman...more morning thanks!

Jim Moore

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Thursday, August 28, 1997 5:06 PM


KGW 620 News


Don't we hear the news enough times a day? What happened to Imus in the

Morning? ??? I liked this show very much. Dr. S. and M. Reagon are

sappy. Rush Limbaugh only for comic relief.

Jo Ann Stowell

Bring Imus back or tell me where I can fine him.

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Thursday, August 28, 1997 11:08 AM


I, too, was an avid listener of your radio station until recently. It

seems that things have become a little one-sided, towards the right, if

you know what I mean (and I'm fairly certain you do). I enjoy the Dr.

Laura show on a certain level, because I occasionally enjoy listening to

someone who doesn't back away from their convictions, no matter how

self-righteous and hypocritical (she's on her second marriage and

doesn't speak to her mother) they sound. And I liked the fact that her

show was somewhat balanced by the Alan Colmes show. What next? Dr

Laura, followed by Rush, followed by -oh, I don't know- The David Duke



Robert Draper

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Thursday, August 28, 1997 11:00 AM


Am a new listener due to change of R. Limbaugh to KEWS 620AM. Am

unable to contact them because there is interference with the broadcast

of Limbaugh. It sound as if another station is on in the background.

This happens during his broadcast and the news, but does not happen when

the station goes to ad breaks -- these breaks come in very clear and

no background noise. This is very distracting to listen to and I am

about ready to dump the need to pick up the station.

Can you help out or give me some feedback regarding status and what will

be done to fix it, if anything.

Jerome G. Johnson

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Wednesday, August 27, 1997 1:35 PM


WHy did KFXX get rid of Shaun Minton and KNEWS Tom Lykis?


WB01682_.gif (1926 bytes)

Wednesday, August 27, 1997 9:39 PM


Do you know if any Portland station will carry the Tom Leykis show?


Dan Brantley

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Wednesday, August 27, 1997 9:00 PM


I just want to say that I stumble onto your page and that i really enjoy

it alot.. it's about time that we had information about our local radio.

Could you tell how often you update this page

thanks again/

Bill Hoffman

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Wednesday, August 27, 1997 3:43 PM


HELP! do you know what local station is now carrying dr dean edell?

WB01682_.gif (1926 bytes)

Wednesday, August 27, 1997 3:39 PM


What happened to Imus and Tom? Will be changing stations---------------->


WB01682_.gif (1926 bytes)

Wednesday, August 27, 1997 5:18 PM


What is going on with them and this announcement that they are quitting

on Sept. 9th? New Format? They sure are getting a lot of people pi**ed

at them.

I just moved here from Chicago and found that I like this station. Too

bad they are going away (if that is the case)


Bob McLaughlin

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Wednesday, August 27, 1997 1:14 PM


If Jacor's intention was to take a radio station that had a pretty good

mix of shows; some conservative, some liberal, some somewhere in

between and make it all conservative they've pretty well succeded. In

dropping the Tom Leykis, Don Imus, and Alan Combs shows and putting Rush

Limbaugh & Bill Gallagher in their places along with Dr. Laura and

Michael Reagan I'd say station KEWS could now safely be considered a

conservative radio station. Even though the Bill Gallagher and Dr. Laura

shows aren't necessarily politially conservative shows their shows are

in other ways conservative. Neither one is especially controversial, you

either like them or you don't. Tom Leykis, Don Imus, and Alan Combs

could be quite irritating at times but they weren't boring and they were

very entertaining. As for Rush Limbaugh; I don't find him to be

entertaining or informative unless you've been on Mars for the last 10

years and you're just dying to know what his opinion is of Democrats,

liberals, and women. You either agree with his views or you don't. Why a

station would choose to go with programming that is losing popularity is

beyond me. Dr. Laura may have her fans but Rush Limbaugh and Michael

Reagan are on the fast track to no where. Where is the mix? All I can

say is even though I have listened to and enjoyed both the Dr. Laura

show and the Bill Gallagher show because Tom Leykis, Alan Combs, and Don

Imus have been dropped I probably won't be listening to station KEWS any

more because there is no longer any balance. A person can take only so

much moral and political pontificating. As for Bill Gallagher, he's fine

for the early afternoon slot but for the afternoon commute he's just not

in my opinion entertaining enough.

Margaret Smith

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Tuesday, August 26, 1997 5:26 PM


Since the format change as of the 24th of August for KOTK to KNEWS.

The radio line-up does not include Tom Lykes (Lie-Cus). I am curious

to know which radio station (if any) he went to since the change.


Celeste Williams

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Tuesday, August 26, 1997 1:46 PM


I just wanted to express how disappointed my husband and I are in the new

format on 620 K-NEWS (formerly KOTK). We had listened 620 for approximately

two an half years. There are other radio stations who do the news format and

another one is not needed in the Portland area. We are specially disappointed

in the dropping of the Imus In The Morning program. This program was dropped

because a sales/marketing staff could not do their job in selling advertising.

Portland now has no radio station to listen to during the a.m. or p.m.


 WB01682_.gif (1926 bytes)

Monday, August 25, 1997 10:05 PM


Well, just wanted to let you know I will be skipping over your station

from now on.....just one quick question....why would you drop one of the

hottest talk shows on radio (Tom Leykis) and leave Dr. Laura no brain?

Are you trying to go out of business?


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Monday, August 25, 1997 8:23 PM


What happened to KOTK? Where is Imus? I strung an antenna just so I could

pick up 620 and hear the IMan. I would listen to some of the other folks

just because the station became all I hear is Fat

Limbaugh......ugh. Talk about a puff of cigar smoke in the face. Is Imus

still in this market area somewhere? I am down in the valley east of

Corvallis on Hungry Hill. Guess I'll have to buy one of those satellites

to pick up MSNBC.

Gary & Treva Kingston

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Monday, August 25, 1997 6:35 PM


I enjoyed talk radio everyday except, now you don't have Tom Leykis!

KNEWS sucks! It's all conservative! Bill Gallegher is a little

tolerable. But the rest....I will not listen to.


Where can I find Tom Leykis and Alan Comb (sp?)? I would LOVE Howard

Stern. Why is Portland, Oregon so deprived? Taking Tom and Alan off

was the last straw.

I guess I'll just go back to music, NPR, and KBOO.

Please help me! I know there are many like me.



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Monday, August 25, 1997 2:38 PM


What did you do with Alan Colmes? And why are you carrying Rush

now? Rush is boring as hell, and considering the downhill slide he's

been on lately, I can't believe you're playing him live instead of Dr.

Laura. But my main concern is Alan Colmes. Who is carrying him now?

That is my favorite radio show; I didn't like it when only half of his

show was broadcast live, but now he seems to have disappeared entirely

from your lineup. BRING BACK ALAN!!!! BRING BACK ALAN!!!!

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Monday, August 25, 1997 1:40 PM


Please put "The Tom Leykis Show" back into your daily programing.



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Monday, August 25, 1997 12:10 PM


I was really upset when i woke up this morning and found my favorite

talk shows were gone. I was listening to kotk in Portland , Or. Where

are Don Imus & Tom Leykis at? Ican't believe kotk changed the format

after all this time, without informing avid listeners about the changes.

In fact, I'm so upset about this, I'm considering not listening to talk

radio anymore.

>From a soon to be x listener, Marilyn , Sherwood, Or

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Monday, August 25, 1997 11:14 AM


To the Board of Directors at OPB 91.5,

My family and I are very disappointed about the changes in the values and

programming recently announced by OPB staff. We cannot understand how the

leadership was able to change so substantially. Where was the Board of

Directors when new staff were hired? How is it that OPB has a director who

does not believe in the mission of promoting classical and world music? Why

wasn't the Board aware that major changes were being proposed and why did no

one take action to stop these changes? How did it happen that OPB has dropped

its commitment to classical and world music in favor of "going for the

ratings?" We support any action the Board might take to correct what we feel

is an outrageous takeover of the station. We also deplore the attitude of the

staff who merely responded "OK" when we called to say that we would not be

able to support OPB with these changes. I hope something is done. OPB's

actions will not only affect our quality of life but is sending a message

about values and the respect with which we treat each other. Sincerely, Darla


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Monday, August 25, 1997 10:08 AM


I turned on my radio this morning and hear Rush???? How can you think

that the same people who would listen to Don Imust would be in the same

demographics as R L. ??

 What has happened?

 Zena Vigileos

 WB01682_.gif (1926 bytes)

Monday, August 25, 1997 9:53 AM


I'm trying to find an email address for K-News. I want to know what kind

of NAZI organization would take Don Imus and Tom Leykis off the air

while adding Flush Limbaugh and retaining Michael Reagan and Dr. Laura.


They've just ruined my morning and evening commute, and I want them to

know that I refuse to listen to them and also that I refuse to knowingly

patronize any of their advertisers.

Maybe you could pass that along.

Deborah Mundorff

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Saturday, August 23, 1997 4:49 PM


Where (and what time slot) is Tom Leykis moving to after being dropped

from KOTK??? Surfing the net for this information is too slow!

Tami D.

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